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She was also the only person who was allowed to capture the various stages of Guernica while Picasso was working on it. When their relationship became strained, and Picasso met a younger woman, Maar suffered a nervous breakdown and spent time in a psychiatric hospital.

Gala Diakonova Gala Diakonova enraptured many of the great surrealists of the 20 th century. She was soon introduced to Andy Warhol and his Factory, and Warhol became enchanted with her iconic style and her vibrant personality. Warhol had her star in several of his screen tests and films, including Beauty No.

Manhattan, and Poor Little Rich Girl. Their close codependent relationship ended badly, with Warhol pushing her out of her circles, and Sedgwick getting more and more lost in drug abuse, finally overdosing at the age of George Dyer George Dyer and Francis Bacon met in , and began a tumultuous, deeply intense, and inspiring romance.

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Bacon painted many portraits of his muse and lover, and many claim these works are his most inspired ones. Three to five women at a time have shared the ownership of Lake Country Booksellers during their 36 years of selling books in White Bear Lake. Woman are the majority of our customers, so being women owners, we know what women like. The four of us [owners] each bring our own strengths to the table.

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Our longevity as a bookstore is our distinction. People who used to come here as kids are now bringing their own kids. What do you think is the future of the book? There will always be room for the printed word.

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We have found many of our customers are coming back to books. Judith Kissner will celebrate the 15th anniversary of her new and used bookstore in May It was named for her dogs, Scout and Morgan. Women are more likely to participate in book groups and to read books by women authors. Those experiences influence the books we stock in our store. Many women authors who are represented in the store might be overlooked in stores owned by men. I am not a book snob! The fact is you are reading and not everyone can say that.

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The future of the printed book is bright! One 20th-century wife who could claim the title of muse is Sandra Fisher, wife of RB Kitaj, not because of the role she played in life, but because of the role she played in Kitaj's intellectual life after her untimely death.

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Then Kitaj exalted her as the source of all his creativity, and an aspect of the divine, just as Dante had Beatrice and Petrarch, Laura. Physical congress with one's muse is hardly possible, because her role is to penetrate the mind rather than to have her body penetrated. Dante never laid a hand on Beatrice, nor Petrarch on Laura.

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As so often with Klimt, the unconscious face is set at right angles to the neck, as if the model had been hanged. Monique Bourgeois, by contrast, is the real thing.

The role of the artist's muse | Art and design | The Guardian

In , when Matisse was recovering from treatment for cancer, Bourgeois took the job of nursing him, and doubled as his model. In , after they had been separated by the fortunes of war, Bourgeois entered a convent. She didn't meet Matisse again until , when she came to see him to ask him to design and execute the Chapelle du Rosaire, his last and greatest complete work.

In this case, too, it seems that the relationship was not sexual.