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Carolina Maria de Jesus’ 105th Birthday
  1. What did Jesus really look like? - BBC News
  2. It's Oscars Time and Plastic Jesus Strikes Again! Here are his Installations Over the Years
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Coming just as Agamben is bringing his decades-long Homo Sacer project to an end, Pilate and Jesus sheds considerable light on what is at stake in that series as a whole. At the same time, it stands on its own, perhaps more than any of the author's recent works.

What did Jesus really look like? - BBC News

It thus serves as a perfect starting place for readers who are curious about Agamben's approach but do not know where to begin. Giorgio Agamben is a contemporary Italian philosopher and political theorist whose works have been translated into numerous languages.

Pilate and Jesus. If Jesus is God, how could he die?

It's Oscars Time and Plastic Jesus Strikes Again! Here are his Installations Over the Years

If Jesus died on the cross, then how can he be alive today? T hough one of the first films to have an ethnic middle-eastern cast, Killing Jesus is a clunky, boring and at times offensive depiction of the events leading up to the most famous execution in history. King Herod Kelsey Grammer is suffering delusions of grandeur—and fear of a coming messiah , as indicated by ancient Jewish prophecy. He intends to murder the child if he can find him.

And at two years old, baby Jesus is drawing a surprising amount of unwanted attention from people in the small village of Bethlehem.

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So much so that, fearing repercussions, his father bundles him and Mary onto a donkey and takes them to Egypt for their own safety. To do so, he must make peace with the Romans through their new governor , Pontius Pilate Stephen Moyer.

New to the area, he is not all that fond of Judean uprisings and protests against their presence in Jerusalem , and his wife wants him to punish any rioters severely for daring to conflict with Rome. Herod Antipas meanwhile has chosen to marry Herodias Emmanuelle Chriqui , who has her own litany of requests that will advance her own power and that of her teenage daughter. Therein lies the rub, crux, and offensiveness of this piece—that Jesus and everyone around him apart from John are entirely unaware of his greater purpose.

Even his mother thinks he is overstepping himself in this ministry. Jesus founders between roles as a carpenter and an aspiring revolutionary, for a time even considering that he might be a military messiah intended to raise up an army against the authorities. He appeals to his disciples for reassurances as to what he truly is the messiah , as if he cannot recognize that in himself.

He is baffled at his first miracle , but also delighted. Frightened by a demon-possessed child. Scenes of him healing people and performing miracles are left out. The film has an ambiguous ending—an empty tomb, but no literal physical manifestation of Christ among his disciples. Did he arise or was he stolen?

Here, though, they founder under the weight of a completely banal Jesus, who comes across as obnoxious, abrupt, brooding, and temperamental.

Killing Jesus (2015) with Kelsey Grammer, Vernon Dobtcheff, Eoin Macken Movie

His complete lack of chemistry make it difficult to comprehend why anyone would follow him—away from normality, from their jobs, their homes, and their former beliefs, to their eventual deaths. A veiled reference to prostitution. Jesus is flogged and crucified.

This year’s winner: Baby Jesus!

Discover the overwhelming message of HOPE that God brings to man—presented chronologically from the foundation of the world to our own time. Watch it on-line, full-length motion picture. Very popular and enlightening….

The original 2015 research documents

Moral Rating:. Relevant Issues. Is Jesus Christ a man, or is he God?

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Answer If Jesus is God, how could he die?