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And thank you mark. A friend in the U. I rarely ever discuss prudence of economy, since Thoreau articulated all that needs to be said about it, so the following comments represent a departure for me. You might be swept inadvertently into an eddy, joining a minimalist current that moves in the opposite direction. But this is frequently an accidental rather than intentional deviation.


Often, a change of circumstances or a twist of fate or an unexpected challenge accounts for minimalist living. Sometimes the living part is apparent long before any conscious aspect of it is manifested, before you become aware that a frugality born of necessity has taken hold, gradually constituting a natural and comfortable expression of living.

Most goals were linked to immediate and habitual tasks, which satisfied me well enough. And there were long-range strategies I adhered to. I was focused when I chose to be. I did benefit from the input and expertise of others. But identifying those who can help you accomplish certain goals can be tricky.

This is because aspirations and ideals can be as capricious as the people who concoct them. It is somewhat presumptuous and precipitous to count on the strength, quality and longevity of youthful commitments.

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I suppose the purpose of suggesting commitments is to encourage the habit of making them. Successful types are typically ambitious and highly competitive, too. When I was much younger, I met a number of people seeking a lifestyle that would fulfill them, some espousing the doctrine of less-is-more. They whole-heartedly embraced the process of fulfillment, but their objective remained elusive. A convenient strength lay in consorting with others who shared the same objective, but this advantage worked against them in the long run.

Getting sucked into the eddy really has little to do with guidelines or even intent.

5 Ways Woman Can Live A More Fulfilling Life - Sarah Scoop

Sometimes it comes down to an accident of fortune, perhaps initiated by either misfortune or great good luck. Thank you for taking the time to post. Your message was insightful but it was your prose that I enjoyed more. It is a rare thing these days to see such beautiful verbiage! I like the idea of evaluating the culture and where it is taking you. I have started this process and if I had started earlier I would have saved myself some grief.

I really like this article you have written. Sometimes I feel lost trying to figure out what exactly suits my family. Everything I want seems to be counter cultural, and it creates so much conflict. Busy and hurried is just what everything is and what they see everywhere.

Get Happy in Life

I just keep saying to myself God calls us to be different. To stand out.

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  • But I hope my decisions to reduce and live a certain way are pleasing to God in the end. I wish I had known this earlier in my life and been surrounded by people aware of this. I have drifted because I worked myself into nervous exhaustion and compared myself thereafter as not being successful.

    Ruined health through self-doubt and not through following what I enjoy and value and being afraid to fail. I turn 50 soon and want to be in the presence of others who live intentionally to reinforce my commitment to this. Living simply is definitely my goal if not my intention. It is amazing how easy it is to float through your life and wake up one day, wondering where it all went. I believe setting goals are key as well as checking in regularly to make sure you are staying on track or redefining your goals.

    You Learn by Living: Eleven Keys for a More Fulfilling Life

    Unfortunately goal setting has been a weekness of mine. I see where that has hindered me and I intend to rectify that beginning today. Thank you for this post. Every 3 months I site down and intentionally decide exactly want to achieve in every sphere of my life in the next 3 months. I also look at what I have achieved in the past 3 months. Today is my D day.

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    • That sounds really interesting! I love that idea. Could you give me a few practical examples? Like what exactly do you write down? Thanks :. Did this plan that you follow originate with you or is there somewhere that I can read up on this? Awesome post. This is a concept I wish I would have grasped when I was much younger! I wonder how different life would have been. Not that it is bad now, but I see how intentional living instead of drifting would have helped avoid some junk : All the more reason to teach this to our kids! Another great post — thank you.

      Great suggestions!!

      I would add to not be afraid of failure. Go for it and learn if you come up short. The attempt is a lesson waiting to happen! Be well! I totally agree and live by these sentiments. It takes years sometimes to build up this mindfulness to a degree where you can live it daily. Neither their physical appearance nor their possessions will truly impress someone, but only their actions and who they really are.

      Great post. This was the mistake that I made when I was younger, and it held me back. The reality is that we can always change our path somewhere down the road. This takes a lot of the pressure off. Odds are that your intentions will evolve over time anyway. So you see: It is the yourney of your life Thats more important than reaching Its goal.

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      There is no goal in the horizon. Then again, maybe he reached his goal, and decided he really did not like it, so he moved on. This happened to me. We cannot control what others do; we can only control what we accomplish. I met with a young lady, who wanted to get into vet school, but realized she could not get in school, because she did not have a 4. So, she got a masters degree in biology instead. Now, she is a professor. Good advice as we can plan life all out and one monkey wrench gets thrown in and is all for naught.

      I completely agree and I have begun the process of living intentionally. What you said about the option to always be able to change your mind if things are not a good fit is Incredibly important to remember.

      16 Ways To Live A Happier More Fulfilling Life

      So many people seem to be stuck. Thank you for sharing this information in such simple words…i really learn a lot from this block thank you Martie. Your email address will not be published.