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They also used uniformed police officers in that setting to intimidate her.

She Likes It Heavy on Tuesdays, 7pm PST on, [email protected]

And in the process they withheld logistical financial assistance and compensation from her to punish her that they paid to everyone who did drink their KOOL Aid. What a fucked up place that nest of vipers is. And Amanda Beno Marsh Lohman is the queen pit viper. But…she is really good at manipulating people to get her way and she runs her very own Pity Industry to promote the memory of the man who killed his crew through criminally reckless negligence.

And of course she loves to be the center of attention. And she has done a great job, she has the rest of those bitches non gender specific following her every whim as their command.

Bonny Doon Vineyard

It is sick…sick…sick! RTS did a great job being a friend and support person for Marcia McKee and he helped her negotiate what was a very difficult thing for her to do.

Especially while being surrounded by either strangers or unfriendly people who were drinking the Kool Aid. So…shame, shame, shame on both El Estupido and the former Mrs. Eric Marsh for conspiring to use his public office of authority and trust to defraud Mrs.

See a Problem?

McKee the same right everyone else had to have the emotional support person of her choice help her make it through a heartbreaking ordeal. The deck was clearly stacked against me as well with most of the cadre and several of the GMHS family, friends, and loved ones making it clear that I was unwelcome there. In spite of all that, I felt it was a worthwhile experience because I was able to clarify some key details at several of the Decision Points during the day.

In spite of this, I felt it was a worthwhile experience because I was able to clarify some key details at several of the Decision Points during the day. Thanks Joy for that link to the Irish wild land fire going on in Northwest Ireland. You see that hundreds of Irish citizens went out to fight the fire—that is they were not hindered by a legal system —no one got hurt but that fire covered a large area. I could not help but think if Yarnell had been an Irish town how soon that fire would have been out. You know that the Irish would have got up onto that fire like gang busters and had it out whether the local Fire Fighting educated fire fighters would do it or not.

There would have been no hesitancy on the part of the Irish to defend their property and well being—no such thing as letting something get out of hand just because the dummies at Yarnell could not agree whether it ought to be taken care of or not. That should have been a given—and just as in Ireland where the people are just as involved in taking care of a fire as their firefighter crews. Maybe I saw that attitude in my dear old Dad—he did not jump in his truck and drive to town to hunt up a fire fighter to ask if they would take care of lightening strikes that were ready to expand into a full fledged wild fire.

As soon as he saw smoke, he yelled at me to grab a shovel and pick and we were on our way up the mountain to take care of those lightening strikes, and we did. And that makes the sense except who would have known that Marsh would go against all good reason and order his crew down into the trap despite all good reason. He had to have known those burns were going on and so did every other boss with the radios blaring. So Donut was seeing sparks across the road and those winds were whipping the trees and driving those embers up the mountain with the advance in expressway speed.

I should think that if indeed the back burns did kill those GMHS, the guys doing the burning had no idea that Marsh would be attempting to outrun the fire with his crew. That the truth was and is being hidden from public view is the greatest tragedy.

Fail-Safe Family Friendly Picks

One thing it robbed the loved ones of their right to know and it also caused them to accept meager sums for the wrongful death of their loved ones. The state was not only pinching pennies it was attempting to keep the truth hidden so the FS would come out in the best of public view. It took some nerve to give out awards for that Yarnell performance by the men in charge. And Mrs. Marsh, though had no fault in the actions of her ex, she did keep up the front—but I do think she must have been privy to the real truth. That will bear hard upon her to have to admit to living the lie—but who is to say—people sometimes become so deluded they believe their own BS—and especially those that want to live the life as a victim.

Well she got her 15 minutes of fame—too bad it was not living in the truth of that disaster—same goes for Donut? Who among all these has not gained from their delusions? It sounds like Joy is ready to unleash — the cat is screaming to get out of the bag and that is the way it should be. It would be that even I had some guilt at the death of those men—I thought damn, we were right there where they went down—could I have said stay the hell out of that death trap?

I do realize that would have been a joke—a citizen trying to tell those educated and trained wild land fire fighters what to do. A laugh to be sure. Yet that cowboy McKensie, who had lived the area for fifty years did just that. He did not need the education and training to know better than getting trapped—it was a useless and stupid action with a fire that an army could not have halted.

Yet those those that knew Marsh was a risktaker must carry some burden of conscience unless they had made a report of his devious behaviour. But I am not one to say except it was obvious he was in the wrong occupation. Her Irish genes give her stamina and the will to survive against all odds. I certainly have a smile on my face to those that are dumb enough to take her on. They will end in defeat—truth always wins and old Karma comes after those that follow the crooked path. To add a bit to the story early on one of the fire bosses posted that Sonny and Joy ought to be sent to the penitentiary for being up there on the fire edge.

I wonder how many Irish in Ireland would laugh at him because he would have to send half of Ireland to the Penitentiary for being on the fire lines. The Irish must see things a bit differently since hundreds went out to fight the fire in Northern Ireland. I suspect that very fire boss is one of those that believes a citizen has no right or purpose to stop wild land fires. But I am of the opinion that in a free America if it stands to reason and a person wants to risk his ass in helping to stop a fire—as long as it is his own—go to it.

I know Joanna of Prescott News had a thing against one of the reporters because he would hike in and take video of the men working—Hell yes I say—what are the FS and Hot Shot Bosses afraid the public might see? The right of the press was infringed at Yarnell—it was said that some of the Yarnellites did not want their homes burnt down exposed to the public eye. What rubbish to keep out the press—and the FS and State Officials are more than willing to neglect the rights of press to keep themselves from being exposed. How about a little unbiased press be allowed to operate.

But then I could understand why the Prescott news was eager to promote the GMHS—their homeboys that could do no wrong. Gary would know the legal possibilities they should face. The truth is obviously held back to defraud the loved ones and to placate certain individuals determined to make their failure at Yarnell look like a heroic and outstanding effort by the FS and its Firefighting regime.

It is indeed sad when you have men in an occupation bound to investigate and tell the truth that the Loved Ones, the Public, and all Firefighters and Citizens should know. But it is wonderful to see that the best of the best among wild land fire fighters and concerned citizens have exposed the ugly coverup. I do not know what more the FBI, Congressmen, and people of high standard need to go after these buggers. Thanks RTS for those photos you recently posted—that is in the area right below the Helms there and at —was that about a half hour before the men were killed?

Good Lord, if so then it stands to reason from my view that the spot fires were either from the Shrine burn or they were actual burn outs in progress right there.

I can see why the FS does not want the Media watching—their fuck ups are royal and deadly. Should they be exposed then they would have to make some extreme changes including demoting, expelling and even criminally charging a number of the culprits.

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Of all the investigators- there were two that did seem above board —those two we hiked and later recommended the highest fine to those responsible for this great boondoggle that resulted in the deaths of the GMHS crew. You can bet the system moved them out of the investigative business. Bruce should have sued them for getting hurt on the job. Bret was I understand moved to a desk job—he was an excellent hiker and they both deserved promotions. RTS thanks for the video post on the Taliban incident killing the 7 young soldiers.

There is so much similarity —good Lord—abandon the high ground to situate in a trap just as the GMHS crew abandoned the high and in the black to take up a death trap.

The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism

Who could not know that the camp situation was where they could easily be surrounded by the Taliban on the high ground and in a situation outpost that was as needless and useless as the men of the GMHS would be at attempting to protect houses with an Atomic Bomb energy burning situation they were in complete observance of all morning long. It defies logic and good sense —the doe doe that takes a knife into a gun battle. To many leaders are thoughtless when it comes to how to keep their men alive.

Liam's Quest: Full Circle - Critical Role RPG

Certain in all cases of Battle the men controlling the high ground have the advantage in a battle zone. Yes we planted the flag at Iwo Jima but look at the cost in lives to get that high ground. Stay in the black when the odds are against you and your men are apt to die. Joy has some new information and is fact checking now for veracity. I deal in lots of suppositions—maybe it is part of enjoying the twilight zone—I do think the Psychics have something going and we do have an intuition that keeps some of us on our toes and alive—at least as long as this life will allow.

Sadly when some of us begin to mature it is just when the grim reaper comes knocking at our door. But the intuition that day was in me and my urgency was a life saver. So many things we did not know that were going on, yet it has to be a certainty that Marsh and Company had to have the input data. There is a value in instinct and intuition—it has saved me in many instances and listening to your gut feelings can be a valuable trait. There were several times when working as an underground miner I had instinctively jumped back just enough to keep myself from being transferred into a non-edible pancake.